The International Economic Justice League

Empowering a Community to Stop Corruption

Did you know that corruption is a culture?

In many companies and governments, corruption has become a way of life. It has become a culture which transcends all economic classes, religions, races, and social groups. The International Economic Justice League is empowering a community to stop this culture of corruption.

Our Mission

The International Economic Justice League, Inc. (“IEJL”) is a California nonprofit 501 (c) (3) corporation, founded in 2016, tasked with the mission to abate corruption and promote ethical business practices.  


Our Process

IEJL builds a community of young leaders through the utilization of a rewards-based system of informal education and social engagement. These future leaders will develop the tools and support needed to stop corruption.

IEJL plants the seeds for an ethical future through its Pledges. A "Pledge" is a future leader who has taken the “IEJL Oath of Ethical Commerce.” The combination of ethical awareness and a strong network of peer support will empower these future leaders to stand up to corruption as they hold influential positions within businesses and government agencies. Ethical business practices will eventually become a crucial standard, giving rise to a wave of change. Governments and companies who are not ethical will either be pressured to address their corrupt practices or risk being left behind by an ethically conscious community.

IEJL in Action

The International Economics Justice League strives to create an ethical community of future leaders. See our organization hard at work, raising awareness of corruption and promoting ethical business practices.