As a nonprofit organization, volunteers are the heart and soul of the IEJL. The IEJL posts volunteer opportunities on its website and at various venues across southern California. The IEJL gives monthly awards to top performers and recognizes several high achievers at our annual Gala. Below are some of the volunteer opportunities available with the IEJL:

  • Web Development: Enhance the IEJL website to attract new Future Leaders!
  • Corporate Relationships: Build connections with business leaders and heads of state to support the IEJL
  • Celebrity Spokesperson: Celebrity outreach to promote the IEJL cause
  • Volunteer coordinating: Organize and supervise volunteers to grow the IEJL community
  • Event Planning: Help the IEJL to coordinate the annual gala and other events
  • Local chapters: Create engaging activities for self-development in pledges and volunteers
  • Content Development: Produce multimedia content with a theme of ethical business practices


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