Pledge Award Program

The Pledge Awards Program is the most important program of the IEJL. The program is designed to award Pledges points for participating in various activities sponsored by the IEJL. Each activity will earn the Pledge a designated amount of points and each activity will be tracked.. Points will expire after 18 months and the transaction archived in a history file for tracking. Points will be awarded for activities such as:

  • Re-tweeting an IEJL tweet
  • Reading very short stories and articles and passing a very short test
  • Volunteering
  • Project tasks completed
  • Recruiting Pledges
  • Recruiting Sponsors
  • Writing articles on topic and published by IEJL
  • Watching and sharing short videos and answering short questions
  • Sharing our short videos
  • Sharing the lectures

(Coming Soon)

IEJL Chapters

Face-to-face fellowship is the primary tool used to develop a culture. Therefore, the IEJL establishes Chapters in cities around the world for the sole purpose of spreading the culture of ethical commerce. The IEJL Chapter meetings are held semi-monthly and last between two and three hours. The format is 90% social and the goal is to make these Chapter meetings fun and entertaining.

Each quarter, local IEJL chapters will hold a weekend activity. This may be a trip to a nearby city, an overnight hike, or any activity of eight to 48 hours where there is more time to create a cultural bond. The IEJL intends to find local sponsors that will enable the Chapter to offer discounts, based on Award Level, to the attendees.(Coming Soon)

IEJL Job Connect

The IEJL JOB Connect is the world’s first job site platform that implements an ethics evaluation for job seekers (IEJL Pledges) and aids employers to seek candidates who demonstrate a commitment to ethical commerce. Businesses will actively recruit with IEJL JOB Connect to seek ethical leaders that will improve ethics within their sector. The Pledges have distinguished themselves from other Pledges by attaining Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum status.The IEJL believes that commerce is a driving force for change in society. Involvement with the IEJL Job Connect will create sustainable value for their brand and will enhance their image. This program will provide employers an additional metric to evaluate and consider in their hiring decision.

The IEJL Job Connect program is free to both Pledge and Employers.(Coming Soon)

Foreign Direct Investment

As part of IEJL’s international focus, the team will work with heads of state, ministry level officers, and business leaders to identify ethics issues within the regional industry. The IEJL will collaborate with foreign officials to identify opportunities for foreign direct investment.  The agreement with the head of state is in exchange for the foreign direct investment, he/she will remove all corruption obstacles.

Once the IEJL identifies the opportunity, the IEJL Entrepreneurs will perform a feasibility study in cooperation with the USTDA.  If the feasibility study proves viable, the IEJL can create a for-profit entity (“NewCo”) to develop and operate the opportunity. The NewCo is subject to extensive quarterly ethics audits.  The NewCo is funded by a combination of development bank loans (World Bank, ASEAN development Bank, Ex-Im Bank, OPIC, etc.) plus investors. The IEJL holds a carried interest in the project to help with the IEJL program funding. The NewCo is staffed with in-country Platinum Level Pledges and seasoned industry executives who have achieved the Platinum Level.

The strategy of the Foreign Direct Investment program is to establish three to five NewCos in each country which are promoted heavily in the country. As each NewCo interacts with its customers, vendors, and regulators, ethical commerce will influence other non-IEJL companies to conduct business within ethical boundaries.(Coming Soon)

IEJL Live!

The IEJL Live! is a social networking and social media platform designed to build a community for the IEJL Pledges around the world. This platform will not sell or exchange your data with third parties. The objective is to provide a safe environment for the exchange of personal ideas, experiences, and life events.(Coming Soon)