About us

About us

About IEJL

The International Economic Justice League, Inc. (IEJL) is a California nonprofit 501 (c)(3) corporation, founded in 2016 with a mission to abate corruption. To accomplish this objective, the IEJL is establishing a culture of ethical commerce among Future Leaders through addicting and exciting content and activities.

The IEJL is a team of dedicated and passionate individuals who strive to develop a corrupt-free system of commerce, using education and mentoring, in all countries desiring economic justice for their citizens. Students and alumni from around the world are spearheading the IEJL to accomplish the objective of enculturating young leaders into a system of ethical commerce.

Planting the Seeds

The IEJL creates a community of Future Leaders enculturated in ethical commerce. The IEJL will engage its Future Leaders by providing exciting and enriching content via an interdisciplinary enculturation system. The education provided will be formal and ensure consistency of the IEJL’s message. The IEJL will strive to build a positive culture of ethical commerce.

Creating a Culture

The IEJL creates a culture of ethical commerce with content that incorporates themes of ethics. For example:

  • Music
  • Short Videos
  • Audio Narratives
  • Short Stories

In addition to the content, the IEJL establishes local chapters and utilizes social networking to create a community of ethically aware Pledges. The IEJL model will create Future Leaders of the world to be champions of ethics.

Why are participants called “Pledges”

A “Pledge” is a Future Leader who has registered (free of charge) in the IEJL website, read, and accepted the “IEJL Oath of Ethical Commerce”. The Pledges form the foundation of the IEJL.

Corporate Statistics

International Economic Justice League, Inc.

Tax ID Number: 81-3243919

Date of Incorporation: 7/5/2016

California Entity Number: C3923984